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Meet Dr. Jaime Rivera

“I’ve always been about helping people. I love how we can change a person’s life. The perception of themselves changes. It’s so rewarding.”

Dr. Rivera earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of California, Los Angeles. He then pursued a Doctor of Dental Medicine at Temple University School of Dentistry, where he graduated magna cum laude. He completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio.

Dr. Rivera loves being able to help people. He enjoys being in a profession that helps people feel better about themselves and participating in the transformation that occurs as a patient’s smile is made more beautiful. He is a lifelong learner and stays well-informed about the most up-to-date research and findings in order to provide high-quality care, a wonderful treatment experience and excellent results for each patient.

Dr. Rivera is a member of many organizations, including:

Originally from Colima, Mexico, Dr. Rivera found his way to California when he was just two years old. Growing up in a small one-bedroom home that he shared with his parents and four brothers, life was not always easy, but it was always a family-oriented and supportive environment. Graduating from UCLA in 1999, Dr. Rivera furthered his education at Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia. It was during his second year of dental school that he decided to enlist in the Army. Later stationed at Fort Bliss, he was then sent to Iraq for a year, providing dental care for all military branches and even detainees at Camp Bucca, Al Basra, Iraq.

After finishing his three years of active duty in the military, Dr. Rivera went to San Antonio to complete his orthodontic residency from 2010 to 2013. At that point, with two kids and wife, the family decided to permanently relocate to El Paso. “El Paso is a better place to raise a family. The people here are so nice.” An easygoing and genuine person himself, he is proud to call El Paso his home and raise his children here.

Rivera Orthodontics offers dental alignment from the use of traditional braces to clear aligners for patients of all ages. Dr. Rivera, also a dentofacial orthopedics specialist, is a Board Certified orthodontist — only four orthodontists are board certified in El Paso according to aooinfo.org. “I’m an over-achiever. It was my personal goal to be that much more qualified.” Dr. Rivera also stated, “I’ve always been about helping people. I love how we can change a person’s life. The perception of themselves changes. It’s so rewarding.”

Since November 2013, Dr. Rivera has held his practice, Rivera Orthodontics. Since opening, the number of patients has doubled — and it continues to grow as word spreads about the professionalism and genuine care that Dr. Rivera provides.

Our office accepts as many insurance companies as possible, and you can seek out Dr. Rivera for any of your orthodontic needs. Not only is he extremely qualified but he also truly cares about orthodontics and loves what he does.

Meet Our Team

The team at Rivera Orthodontics is here to make your visit with our orthodontist as comfortable, convenient and effective as possible. We will always make you feel welcome and will treat you like a member of our family. You can meet our team members below, and you can contact our office for your orthodontic appointment in El Paso, Texas.


Office Manager

As an office manager at Rivera Orthodontics, I am responsible for directing and coordinating all practice services and related activities. I have over 20 years experience working in management, insurance, and finance. I am blessed to work for Rivera Orthodontics and most of all, I love to develop family relationships with our patients. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and my fur babies!


Human Resources/Insurance Coordinator

My name is Rosie, and I have over 17 years’ experience in the dental field. Although I like working in every area of the office, what I enjoy the most is battling insurance companies to help patients pay less out of pocket. I am blessed to be part of Rivera Orthodontics, where we strive to make sure every patient gets the highest standard of care. I could not be prouder to be a part of this amazing team. On my downtime, I enjoy watching boxing, UFC and football. I am a Cowboys fan!


Treatment Coordinator

As a treatment coordinator, my responsibility is to assist Dr. Rivera on all initial consultation appointments, assemble a financial plan that best suits our patients and recap Dr. Rivera’s recommendations for treatment. I enjoy educating patients about their dental treatments and witnessing their reactions as they begin their journey to beautiful smiles!

I spend my spare time at the gym or at home cuddling with my 2 fur babies, Chewie and Leia.



As a receptionist I enjoy greeting patients, scheduling appointments, verifying insurances and getting to know all patients. Putting smiles on patient’s faces when they come in makes my day and has allowed met to come to work with happiness and passion. I graduated from UTEP and hope to pursue my education in the near future.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching scary movies, and watching college football.



I have worked for Dr Rivera for almost 7 years and have been in an orthodontic office since 1981. Although I started as an orthodontic assistant, I have worked in the office for all but a couple of those years. l work part-time answering phones and verifying accounts. Outside of work I read constantly, enjoy TV and going out to eat with friends. I am also an avid fan of my college basketball and baseball playing grandchildren!!



As a receptionist at Rivera Orthodontics, I enjoy being able to welcome patients, schedule appointments, verify insurances, and answer any questions they may have. Working as front desk allows me to build relationships with the patients and make them feel comfortable.
On my downtime outside of work, I love to go to the gym, hike, make spontaneous plans and spend time with my lovely family, friends, and fur babies, as well as on Sundays watching the Cowboys play.



Hello, my name is Daisy! I am a receptionist and work directly with patients, helping them with scheduling or with any other questions they may have. I love getting to know each and every one of you and helping you to the best of my ability! I am a 2022 Montwood graduate and now a full-time student at UTEP close to obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.
On my time off, I enjoy being with friends/family, reading, and spending time with my cats!


Lead Orthodontic Assistant

I graduated from Vista College and now work chairside, assisting Dr. Jaime Rivera. I also do initial bonding and take X-rays and impressions. I love what I do — I have always wanted to help people, so I knew this was the job for me. Helping people gain confidence by giving them that perfect smile is why I love my job! I spend my spare time with friends, watching movies, playing basketball, having family game nights and baking.


Orthodontic Assistant

Since I was in middle school, I’ve known that I wanted to work in the dental field. Graduating from high school with my RDA certification helped kick-start my journey early on. Working for Rivera Orthodontics has been an incredible experience and has taught me so much. I am currently attending EPCC to further my education and pursue a career in the dental field.
On my free time, I love going to concerts, playing soccer, reading, and spending time with my family.


Orthodontic Assistant

I have been in the dental field for about 14 years. I first started working in a pediatric dental office for 12 years where I got some experience with dental appliances and then started assisting with orthodontics for about 4 years. I am proud to say I have so far been working 2 years with Dr. Jaime Rivera where I have learned a lot more, thanks to him. I love the fact that every day is an opportunity to grow and improve my skills, which is an amazing privilege.
I’m a mom of 4 wonderful kids, where most of my time is spent running up and down taking them to their school activities.


Orthodontic Assistant

I have worked in the dental field for 18 years. It was when I was 6 years old when I first became interested in braces which motivated me to look for a career in orthodontics. After graduating from Career Centers of Texas El Paso program 2005, I got my first job in an orthodontic office, and I expanded my knowledge not just as an assistant but also as a lab tech fabricating different type of orthodontic appliances and by being a C/T coordinator.
I joined Rivera Orthodontics in 2021, doing initial bonds, taking x-rays, taking impressions, and fabricating appliances. I love being part of the process with Dr Rivera in creating beautiful smiles. I’m extremely blessed to be part of the Rivera Orthodontics family. I love to spend my free time traveling to the beautiful Mexican beaches, going out to the movies with my husband and spending time with my nieces and nephews.


Orthodontic Assistant

As an assistant at Rivera Orthodontics, I help Dr. Rivera with patient treatments such as initial bondings, fabrication of dental appliances and sterilization of instruments. I have been at Rivera Orthodontics for 3 years and I love creating a bond with my patients. I enjoy being a part of their dental journey and seeing the outcome of their treatment. My original plan was to become a dental hygienist. I was a student in EPCC when Covid happened, and I decided to get my license to become a dental assistant and start working in the dental field which is something that I always wanted to do. I was hired and fell in love with my job and the staff. This is indeed my happy place!
On my days off I enjoy long conversations with my kids, reading, watching movies, and spending quality time with my family.


Orthodontic Assistant

I have been working as a registered dental assistant at Rivera Orthodontics since 2020 where I assist Dr. Rivera in treating patients during their orthodontic treatments. Although my time as a dental assistant might seem short, I began my career in the dental field 14 years ago in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico where I went to dental school, worked at a dentistry clinic, and found my true passion. I appreciate Dr. Rivera for giving me the opportunity to continue to grow and learn new techniques while being a part of a dynamic team of professionals who are focused on providing the highest level of treatment.
When I am not working, I like to be with my family and friends. I am a father of two, and my kids are everything to me; I enjoy taking them to extracurricular activities and watching them grow.

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